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One Pre-Made  
09:17pm 06/04/2013
Artist Name: Jeni Kubicek

Item Being Auctioned: original gouache painting

Art Rating: n/a

Watermarked Copy:

Starting Bid: $3

Date Bidding Ends: April 13th


All bidders must have an email to be contacted through- Either Log in to LJ and leave your email with your bid OR leave an anonymous comment with your email. You will not receive your item if we cannot email you. To leave a bid, comment below with your email and the dollar amount you wish to bid. All bids must be in whole USD dollar amounts [eg. $1, not $1.50]. There is no cap on the amount you can spend on an item.

When the auction is concluded, we will relay your email to the artist, and they will contact you only after you have made payment to the appropriate committee. All interactions after that are the responsibility of the bid winner.
To bid on R rated or 18+ art, you must be 18. But placing a bit, you are confirming that you are 18 years of age.

Premade art will also have a starting bid, based upon the nature of the art. After the auction concludes, and the committee has received payment from the winner. Artists will email the winner an unwatermarked full size copy of the art, for the winner to do what they will with. All further interactions will be between the artist and the winner.
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